How to Wear Colour

La Gerbe by Henri Matisse, 1953

La Gerbe by Henri Matisse, 1953

So many women ask us questions like “How can I wear red?” or “Does green suit me?” We have come to realise that thinking about colour in this way is misleading. The seven basic hues of the rainbow have infinite subtle variations and hence there is a blue, a red or a green to suit everybody. The trick is in putting it together. We choose to be inspired by the palettes of nature, art and landscape.

Fear of colour can keep us stuck in a drab fog of black teamed with grey and beige. But what’s stopping you feeling confident with colour? Is it fear of being noticed? Or is it that you’ve always been told that “black is slimming”? Or is it because you just don’t know what colours work together.

Do you remember when the sight of a box of crayons would make your fingers twitch with excitement? Along the years that instinctive love of rainbows got banished to a dark corner of our lives, along with the joy of fireworks, taking time to drink in an exquisite painting, delight in jellybeans and the rapture of an Autumn day.

Think of photographs you have seen of women in India; Nepal; Afghanistan and Peru. Why do they make such a striking impression? Is it their designer wardrobes stuffed with Prada and Fendi? No, it’s colour, pure and simple.

Starting this week we are going to take you on a journey into the joyful, vibrant, wonderful world of colour.

Are you afraid to wear colour? Tell us your fears.

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