How to Wear Pattern and Texture

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2013

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2013

This week we begin our pattern and texture tutorials.

Putting patterns together in clothing is a scary thing to the uninitiated and uninformed. That is why so many women do not take risks with mixing prints and textures. Stripes with flowers, squares with circles or swirls with zig-zags may seem utterly bonkers, but when you apply it well to your outfits the results are very exciting.

When it comes to pattern and texture, take a deep breath and then start to tear up your long-established rulebook. Armed with new know-how, your previously lack lustre wardrobe will come alive in a riotous blaze of beautiful patterned and textured couplings.

Are you hesitant about wearing pattern and texture? Tell us why.

2 thoughts on “How to Wear Pattern and Texture

  1. i defiantly m because i just don’t understand how to mix them weather to mix a pattern with plain or so on are the difficulties i face so i keep it simple and don’t go for them

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