How to Wear Animal Prints #1

Susannah loves her python print jacket whilst Trinny goes for leopard print heels

Susannah loves her python print jacket, Trinny goes for leopard print heels

Leopard is quite an obvious way to go in a jacket or dress but if not handled with care it can tend to come across as a touch trashy. Mixing a python print jacket with a very plain ensemble of trousers and shirt creates a clean, sharp look.

How do you wear animal prints?

6 thoughts on “How to Wear Animal Prints #1

  1. I spice up my otherwise very simple but chique outfits with either my panther-shawl or my snakeprint-clutch. Haven’t gone any further yet, because I’m hesitant where animal print would be best on my body: I’m kind of Susannah’s size with an hour-glass leaning towards vase-figure… I’ve always felt more confident wearing colour, but I secretly yearn for some animal as well 🙂

    • We always advise being rather sparing with leopard print, especially if you are busty. You could try an animal print jacket but wear it with a plain shirt so that your boobs do not become a vast savannah of leopard. x

      • Thank you for the advice 🙂 i do carry a rather large bust with me, so when I wear the shawl it’s usually alongside the lapel of my jacket instead of wrapped around my neck. Let the search for a jacket begin 🙂

  2. I’m kind of Suzanna’s size/shape as well, and I love the jacket. If so, where is it for sale? And complements for the work you two are doing! I learn a lot from you, thanks, greetings from The Netherlands, Erie

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