Judy Needs a Makeup Pick-Me-Up

rmsbeautylip2cheek_1_gmJudy Paylor writes:

Hi Ladies,

I am looking for make up tips. I am a 68 year old white female stage 4 cancer survivor. Currently I am in remission and I care what I look like. In my working years I had to dress in business attire (neutral colors). My question is my make up, I have never worn much to start with. My eyes are hazel green, I have a fair complexion and my hair is white with a pastel blond color. The hair is very thin, was very thick before cancer. I keep it very short. What shade or shades of lipstick and eye shadow would you suggest? I just need a little perk! 

Dear Judy,

If you have freckles you should opt for a deep coral but if your skin is clear then try a tomato red or soft plum lipstick.

The main issue is more how big your lips are. If they are very thin then opt for a natural coloured lip gloss and if they are lined around the edges then use a wax product that prevents lipstick seepage.

Remember, after applying a strong lip colour then put your finger in you mouth and draw it out. Whatever lipstick rubs off is what might have ended up on your teeth.

One of the best pick me ups is a cream blusher, try a soft apricot. Nars do a good one. Or you could try the amazing dual-purpose lip2cheek by rms beauty.

Perhaps tint your eyelashes and eyebrows because, as we age, the more contrasting our facial hair is (not counting menopausal beards!) the younger we appear.

Hope this helps and have fun! x

Do you have a make-up question? Please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Judy Needs a Makeup Pick-Me-Up

  1. Hi gorgeous Girls,
    I’m a makeup artist and glamour photographer and just wanted to ask you if you could possible do a segment on what women should wear to their shoot? It could be there first experience ever having photographs done of themselves, so, what should they normally bring, choose and think of when selecting their garments. This is such a frequently asked question, so, if they are to have 3 timeless looks, what would you say they keep in mind? 🙂 Thank you and keep giving us the love and style! xo Marina

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