Culling Your Wardrobe #2

The OCD wardrobe - we can dream!

The OCD wardrobe – we can dream!

Since reading Culling Your Wardrobe – Part 1 you may have been living with several messy piles of garments on your bedroom floor. Good! We hope that by now you are thoroughly sick of them and ready to move on.

Start sorting through the clothes and assembling new outfits from what you already have. Read the sections in our books about colour, pattern and texture to help you get creative with how you put looks together. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and experiment. You are still in the safe confines of your bedroom.

Begin by laying out your new outfits on the bed. Every time you come up with a look that you love, try it on and ask your friend to take a photo. This will help you to remember your flashes of inspiration.

As you go note down any simple items you lack that will complete a killer outfit. For example, you may have a stylish jacket that requires a plain belt to pull it into shape, or a beautifully patterned skirt that needs a printed t-shirt to top it off. Or you may be crying out for a pair of silver flatties that will go with almost everything. This will be the basis of your shopping list.

Bearing in mind what you now know about your body shape you will discover that your wardrobe harbours some treacherous garments that simply do not flatter you at all. But could they be changed with a belt? Or by performing simple surgery with scissors, needle and thread? Are there colours that don’t do you any favours but could benefit from dyeing? Are there skirts that could be shortened or lengthened? Tops that could be re-shaped? Put all these items on one side – we will deal with them later. Lastly – brace yourself – if there is any garment that is utterly irredeemable, no matter how much it cost, no matter who gave it to you nor where you first wore it… into the black bin bag it must go!

 Send us photos of your wardrobe cull.

25 thoughts on “Culling Your Wardrobe #2

  1. I would defiantly be doing this, i planned to do it but now i know how exactly i got to be doing this and i would also mail you the pictures soon 🙂
    thanks for the tips girls xoxo

  2. Actually, thanks to T&S I cull twice yearly when I change summer and winter wardrobes. So I never, ever, keep stuff around that I don’t wear……never….um…well, usually….never mind, I have to have a discussion with some old t-shirts now.

  3. It’s hard to see the comments – grey on grey…
    Also, the ‘notify’ me boxes are literally invisible as they are white on white.
    Would have sent this in instead of posting, but didn’t see a ‘contact’ button.
    (Excited to see your new blog – looking forward to reading many more posts here!)

    • Thank you very much Jessica. We are learning all this stuff as we go along and we will be making improvements all the time. So your comments and feedback are incredibly valuable to us. Coming soon… a ‘contact’ button! x

  4. I have got to the point that I don’t know what I have and my house has been taken over! I cull monthly but replace it…don’t know how to overcome this addiction

    • Helen, you are correct to identify hoarding as an addiction and a very distressing one at that. As with any addiction, admitting the problem is the first step. The trick is to get help. If it is really bad it can be a subject for therapy. Also, there are professional de-clutterers or even enlist the help of friends. Please do send us an update. x

  5. I have set aside 2 days to go through all my items. I have 4 bedrooms full – all in closets and the culling begins. I do know that it is an addiction, but, alas, I am not going to need therapy or counselling, the buck stops with me, so there will be no emotion attached. I try them on, if I like it and it looks good, it stays, if not, in the donation pile. I support a charity called Missionbeat here in Australia which is for the homeless. There is going to be some well dressed people around Sydney. The expensive stuff, will be listed on ebay.

  6. Here’s a comment from The Netherlands. What to do with all the necklaces I once bought but never wore? I’ve got piles of them, just waiting in their death row….
    Love your TV shows, never forget how you disliked all the sporty jeans jackets and the leggings over here 😉

    • First of all Marike, lay them all out and try them on with different outfits. You may find that you fall in love with some of them all over again. The rest must go – take them to a charity shop, sell them on eBay, give them to friends, use them to decorate Christmas presents, break them up and make them into new necklaces of your own design or use them to create a unique chandelier for your bedroom. Just give them a new life somehow. They are not doing anyone any good on death row. x

  7. OK I am pleased to say, that it took me two weeks, but i have managed to clear out 4 wall to wall wardrobes and 60 large containers of clothing and I am down to one wardrobe. I lost count after 2000 pieces. Gave away, donated and listed a few on ebay. That was the hardest part. Now I can actually finds things which I have colour coorrdinated by colour. Now I get my walk in closet built. May take a while as hubby procrastinates, but once I do, picture will be posted. Thanks for your inspiration and article which got me going. 3 years of accumulation….GONE!

  8. I must be slightly anal. My wardrobe , luckily is huge, all colour and season coordinated, and after countless viewings of all Trinny and Susannah shows, filled with clothes that all go together ! Apart from a couple of old daggy t shirts that are being thrown out today, thought I would wear them but they make me feel like poo, even to wear around the house. I fight impulse buying on a daily basis, as I work in ladies fashion. Tough choices have to be made. It is no good keeping things you will not wear or do not fit. Buy new if your size changes. You will never wear the old stuff anyway. (Not perfect, I do have a huge collection of slightly worn handbags, that I find it hard to part with)
    Best wishes to all wardrobe cullings.

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