Long Haul Flight Rituals

We did a few makeovers on the plane (only joking)

We did a few makeovers on the plane (only joking)

We have just survived another long haul flight – this time from London to Mumbai. After fifteen years of continent hopping we have our flight routines down pat. Here’s how we roll. 

Susannah says: “I arrive at the airport with hand luggage only. Trinny has three giant suitcases to go in the hold. As soon as I’m on the plane I clean my face in loo whilst other people are still boarding. Then I apply some Norwegian organic snail slime face cream and a squirt of rosehip oil. Wax earplugs IN. Eye mask ON. Good night!”

Trinny says: “I arrive with ONE suitcase – half of it is filled with work stuff that Susannah has forgotten to bring. Before I fly I drink a litre of water with some added liquid chlorophyll, which tastes of nothing but hydrates your body. I always carry a rose spray that I use to remove excess dirt from my face. Next I apply rescue mask by Cosmedix that works as a strong barrier against dehydration, and a balm for my lips. I then put some drops of Rescue Remedy Night under my tongue, put on my face mask and sleep.”

Tell us about your in-flight beauty routine.

4 thoughts on “Long Haul Flight Rituals

  1. Disinfection tissues, Pringles chips, gum or mints, iPod and Fashion magazines. And I don’t drink to much, because I cannot pee on the plane, so I would only feel hugely uncomfortable otherwise.

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