The Magic Corset Vest

Susannah tries on our new Magic Corset Vest and is blown away by the size of her waist.  The vest has adjustable straps and allows you to wear your own bra while accentuating your waist for the perfect hourglass figure.

Find our full range of Original Magic Knickers here.

3 thoughts on “The Magic Corset Vest

  1. Greetings from India
    I am Babita Negi from India and a sportsperson played till World cup in judo always wore track suits .I always wanted a makeover for me and my husband. He always want me to look sexy and glamorous but what to do I don’t get sizes plus I don’t know what to wear.
    Whenever I see ur show I feel super excited and feel like u r telling me .I am dying to participate .just requesting to plz fulfill my dream with your magic.
    Love you and god bless.
    Babita Negi

    • Hi Babita,

      we have already completed filming of our first TV series for India but we do hope that we will be returning in the future. When we do we will post information here on this blog and on our Facebook page, so stay tuned. x

  2. hi,recently I have bought a pair of shapewear panties,because after delivery I got bulge in bellies and on sides,they are good.I wear them when I go for functions.. I have lot more to ask..please tell me what to wear for beach holidays

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