How to Dress Your Body Shape – Pear or Skittle


This beautiful vintage dress displays style elements that are flattering for a Skittle body shape or a Pear body shape

Photo courtesy of Rococo Vintage

The Pear and the Skittle body shapes share many characteristics – they are both relatively small up top but carry their weight on their legs. The Pear tends to have a longer body and is more flat-chested than the Skittle and whilst the Pear carries her excess at the sides of her hips as ‘saddlebags’, the Skittle has all-round chunky thighs.

This lovely vintage dress exhibits principles that work to flatter both the Pear and the Skittle body shapes.

  • A slashed neckline has the effect of broadening the shoulders, thus balancing your silhouette.
  • Decoration on the body serves to attract attention to your neat bust and away from your hefty legs.
  • The skirt flows over the upper legs to veil heavy thighs and saddlebags.
  • The generous hemline cuts across your legs at their slimmest point thus adding a suggestion of shapeliness to your chunky calves and ankles.

If you have a Pear or a Skittle body shape look for these elements when choosing a party dress and step out with confidence.

For an in-depth understanding of how to analyse and dress your body shape read The Body Shape Bible.

10 thoughts on “How to Dress Your Body Shape – Pear or Skittle

  1. well, i had my wedding dress custom made along these rules, and everyone thought i was stupid to do so, but it turned out gorgeous and was quite flattering. 🙂

  2. I am not quite sure what body shape I have. I have tried numerous of times to figure out, however when I read about the “pear” now, it made some sense. Do you have any suggestions about what I can do to figure it out?
    Many thanks x

  3. My mom read your book about different body shapes, but she still doesn’t know kind of bodyshape she has. My sister and I gave our opinions, but the both of us had different analysis as well… What should she do?

    • Each body shape is the sum of its parts Anniek. For example, a Skittle body shape has narrow shoulders, an average bust, small waist and chunky thighs and calves. Ask your mum to stand in front of a mirror in her underwear and really assess each part of her body. If she falls into two body shapes she should read the sections of the book for both of them. x

  4. hi trinny and susannah
    im an indian girl, i think im a pear shape and im really clueless what kind of clothes i should be wearing, as im very uncomfortable with my shape. i wear only traditional indian wear.. but i would love to wear jeans,dresses skirts… my height is 5’8 and fair complexion too.. can u suggest the colours i can carry of well

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