Susannah on Saris

During our recent trips to India Trinny was enamoured with Indian colour, fabrics and jewellery, adapting them to her own style.  Susannah went further and completely fell in love with wearing the sari. Here are her thoughts:

“The sari is the only garment in the world that any woman can wear. It makes me feel like I can eat what I want and still feel elegant, exotic and feminine.

I had to have someone tie it for me… I am nearly competent and hope that I will soon be able to do it myself. This beautiful sari is by the celebrated Indian designer Sabyasachi and it was hugely expensive but you can pick up exquisite saris in markets for next to nothing.”

Can the sari travel outside India?

“Whilst Indian women wear the sari every day, I feel that when the sari hits European shores it really works for black tie events. I wore one to Elton John’s white-tie-and-tiara ball, possibly the most glamorous event of my social year, and I plan to wear it again at the British Embassy in Israel. My tip is, regardless of your size or body shape, if you wear a sari with confidence you will always look like a Maharani.”

Do you wear the sari? Tell us about it.

6 thoughts on “Susannah on Saris

  1. I live in Australia and we have an Indian lady at work who wears beautifully ironed cotton saris everyday. I don’t know how many she has but I never get bored of seeing her vast array of colours and fabric designs!

  2. Hi. I LOVE wearing saris and everyone says that I carry it off well and look best in saris. My issue is…I have a tummy! It starts under my boobs and hangs over all the way down(it hits my thighs when I sit down). As a result I end up looking pregnant most of the time!! Most of it gets covered with the petticoat, but is there any comfortable shape wear that I can wear under a saree which will hold it together?
    I would also love to wear dresses but can never find my size in India or never know what kind to buy when I travel abroad.
    Please help!!

  3. i love to wear sari occassionally,but my height is 5ft,i usually wear sari in syenthetic,chiffon and i also wear a box heel sandal without back straps,that doesn’t look odd

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