How Not to Wear Leopard Prints

We just adore leopard print. The variations in colour and size of the pattern blend in a supremely clever way to create the illusion of curves and movement around a woman’s body whilst also helping to disguise lumps and bumps. If you think about it this makes perfect sense – in the wild a leopard’s coat is primarily a form of camouflage. Unfortunately, because it is such a versatile and appealing print, we notice a tendency amongst many women to overdose on leopard. Our suggestion is, when it comes to lovely leopard, stick to one piece only. Judicious choice of leopard print, whether it be on a dress, a skirt, shoes or a jacket, adds a dash of luxury to any outfit.

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4 thoughts on “How Not to Wear Leopard Prints

  1. Hi Trinny, I’ve been looking for ages for a leopard print coat just like the one you are wearing. Although a key trend for AW13 there don’t seem to be many animal print coats around yet. I bet you’re going to tell me that your’s is either vintage, or last year from Zara :o). Kate xx

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