How to Wear Neutral Tones

A neutral palette evokes Armani chic but not everyone can easily don these colours. If you have an olive or sallow skin tone, neutrals may wash you out. If that is the case, a good strategy is to always wear neutrals with white. You don’t have to have a tan to wear neutrals. The softness of nude colours is enhanced by pale skin, they look fabulous on Nordic blondes with their straw-coloured hair and complexion unblemished by the sun.

Sahara dunes

Let your neutral palette be inspired by the serenity of the Sahara

Here, Susannah is inspired by the calm colours of the Sahara. Mix beige with camel and lighten the palette with white or ecru. Keep your accessories neutral too – leather belts and chunky amber, gold or leather jewellery will help to create a cool, pared-down look. Don’t wear anything too clashy and complement your outfit with a nude shoe that looks like an extension of your leg.

Susannah-Constantine-wears-neutral-colourDo you love to wear neutral tones, or do you shy away? Tell us your thoughts.

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