How to Wear a Short Dress if You Have Ageing Knees


This season all the dresses seem to be cut about 10 centimetres above the knee, which is lovely – if you have legs like a racehorse! What do you do if, like Trinny, you love your short dress but hate your saggy knees? There is an incredibly inventive, yet simple, answer: a gauzy petticoat. 

Inspired by Marni, Trinny had one whisked up by a seamstress at a fraction of the cost of the designer item. Wearing it under any shift dress creates a whole new look and extends the life of the dress by years. Genius!

What is your opinion on hemlines?

6 thoughts on “How to Wear a Short Dress if You Have Ageing Knees

  1. great idea with the petticoat, but what to do when you don’t have a seamstress to hand and what type of gauzy material will work.

    • You could make this yourself if you have a sewing machine Samantha. It is terribly simple. On the other hand most dry cleaners offer a tailoring service and are able to run up simple garments. The fabric I used is Organza. This is traditionally silk, although there are many synthetic organzas. Another beautiful fabric is the (much stiffer) organdie (usually cotton). Tx

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