Night Time Make Up the Easy Way

Applying makeup for a party can be scary. There is always the danger that you will go completely over-the-top and then spend the evening feeling self-consciously like a refugee from the cosmetics hall at Selfridges. Trinny says that hard eyeliners are not so flattering as we age so she has devised an easy-peasy way to accomplish that sexy, dirty, messy eye.

Start by applying a little shimmer to your top lid. Here, Trinny uses a MAC shimmer cream.

Next, grab a soft eyeliner pencil (Inika do some lovely ones). Line it up against the corner of your upper eyelid then close your eye and sort of scrub it back-and-forth so that it colours both eyelids. Do take care not to poke your eye out. Don’t use a hard pencil or one with a sharp point.

Soften the line under your eyes by smudging with a soft brush. Transfer any excess colour to your upper lid line. Repeat the process on your other eye and even out your eyes using the brush.

Apply mascara (Trinny is using MAC), rolling the brush to really work it in to the base of your lashes before pulling it through to the ends.

Voila! Drop dead gorgeous in under a minute.

What is your favourite makeup trick?

6 thoughts on “Night Time Make Up the Easy Way

  1. I have a freckly face and pale skin (but a smooth complexion), and I feel that when I combine a dirty eye with my freckly cheeks, my whole face looks dirty. Do you sense that this is just insecurity, or should pale, freckled faces steer clear of dirty eyes?

  2. trinny and susannah your smokey is great but what do you do if you have lost your eyelashes
    and your eyebrows. i have a warm skin tone with olive and amber eyes with a navy ring around
    can you help please

    • Hi Carol, sorry to hear that you have lost your brows and lashes. Create an illusion of lashes by using a soft pencil on your upper, outer lis and then smudging it with a brush or cotton bud so that you don’t have a really hard line. If your eyebrows are thin you can fill them out with brow powder and an angled brush. If they are completely gone it may be worth considering semi-permanent tattooing. Some women we know have had excellent result but it must be done by somebody skilful. We wish you well. x

      p.s. We found this article. It is quite old but may still be valid. Worth a try?

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