How to Dress Your Body Shape – Ideal Coat for an Apple Body Shape

Apple duster coat

Photo courtesy of Rococo Vintage

Out of all our body shapes, the Apple tends to be the one with the least self-confidence. An Apple body shape is, by definition, round. You have a big tummy and a tendency to adopt baggy, tented tops and dresses in an attempt to cover it up. That is a strategy that will only serve to make your body look vast.  Swathing your torso in nondescript clobber will not make you disappear, rather it will turn you into a highly visible, shapeless blob. What your Apple shape needs is to be loved, celebrated and shown off in flattering clothes.

A straight-cut duster coat is a key piece in any Apple shaped woman’s wardrobe. It works in so many ways.

  • Wearing the coat open against a contrasting fabric beneath serves to divide your body into three long, slim slices.
  • A narrow lapel (or no lapel at all) helps to broaden your shoulders
  • A smallish tone-on-tone pattern diverts the eye, giving the illusion of movement around your silhouette.
  • Three-quarter sleeves show off your shapely forearms.

Make sure that the coat contrasts against your outfit underneath. If everything is the same colour and fabric it will have the effect of making you seem bigger, not smaller. If you are a short Apple, take care to wear your coat so that it ends just above your knee. If you are taller, you can let the hemline fall below your knee.

This is a really valuable way to look smart with a slimming effect. Keep your jewellery simple and let the coat do the work. A pendant on a long chain will help to further break up your middle section.

Every time you are tempted to hide in a baggy sweatshirt – stop – and then decide to turn the glamour up a notch. Learn to love your body, dress with flair, then step out and show the world what you’ve got!

Are you an Apple shape? Tell us about how you dress to impress.

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