How to Wear Grey – Using One Colour to Elongate Your Body

When Trinny finds a colour that she loves, she really goes for it. Wearing all one colour requires a bit of skill in putting your look together. One way is to choose garments that are very similar in tone but combine a lot of different textures to create interest and avoid an overall ‘flatness’.

Trinny says, “Here I have kept the greys tonally uniform but mixed the textures of a woven wool jacket (from Zara) with a knit (from Cos) with a transparent, gauzy slip (home made) with the stiffness of denim jeans (from J Brand). Finally I pop the whole look with zingy colour in my shoes. With a bit of thought, wearing all one colour creates an elegantly elongating effect. It works!”

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4 thoughts on “How to Wear Grey – Using One Colour to Elongate Your Body

  1. Love it! I can use that. It’s so fun now, getting dressed in the morning. Now when I know what I want to achieve, thank’s to you, it’s made my life so much easier. The difficult thing now is to find what I want when I go shopping.

      • One thing that I would love to know more about is how one can wear knitted jumpers, well, just warmer clothes. Being in Sweden during autumn and winter can be so cold, even indoors. How can you keep warm and still look good? I’m quite tall and slender, but I don’t want to look like a gigant piece of yarn. I’d love to hear your points on this. Love, Susanne

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