How to Reduce You Bum Tum and Thighs – Like Magic!

When we first hit television screens back in… (when was it? 2001!)… nobody wore magic knickers. But we soon changed that. We shouted out the virtues of shapewear (and good bras) on TV, in books and in the press. We cajoled, encouraged and sometimes prodded women to wear them, for the simple reason that they truly help to sculpt your silhouette and make it look fabulous in clothes. We liked them so much that eventually we decided to make our own range!

To this day we still believe in a firm foundation and the Magic Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer is the ultimate body shaper. It flattens your tummy, creates a waist, lifts your bum and holds in thigh wobbles. In a nutshell, it does exactly what it says on the packet. As Susannah says: “I feel like I’ve been working out for six months”.

What do you think about shapewear? Love it or hate it?

15 thoughts on “How to Reduce You Bum Tum and Thighs – Like Magic!

  1. Love shapewear, but hate the rolling-down, even the expensive stuff… and they are expensive. I find that when a little sweaty they stick, but who wnats to feel like that. So I have to resort to the constant pulling up, trying to figure out how to do that so others don’t notice I am hoisting up my underwear. Don’t tell me that I can only use your product; that doesn’t help me. I also don’t like that I might have this awhsome bra on my naturally big boobs (which I love), but the shape wear reduces that feeling of ‘wauw’. There are hardly matching shapewear, but all sorts of matching flimsy tongs and cute tiny tiny panties I can’t wear cause I am a voluptuous woman, got curves. I also need the longer legs on the shape wear to not have my tighs rubbing raw. All and all practicallity versus awhsomeness…

  2. Go to the fucking gym and exercise or if you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership then go for 2 walks a day each of them 30 minutes long and you’ll lose 10-20lbs a month guaranteed = comfort and sexy. BAM done.

  3. After giving birth to 2 children my stomach is not the same 🙂 I’d love to buy the magic sneakers but your shop delivers within UK only. What about international deliveries?

  4. Hi there Ladies 🙂

    I live in Australia and would love to buy some magic knickers. Where can I get them? Where I live is very hot most of the year and I would love to see a range more suited to a hot climate 🙂 I’m a mother of 5 gorgeous kids and have tried several brands of shape wear. My main problem area is my tummy and midriff. I’m also short (think 5’1) and have found this to be an issue with sizing as everything is usually too long in the body 😉 I’m dying to give your range a try as I’m sure they’ll be fabulous 🙂


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