Jump Suits – Love Them or Hate Them?

When it comes to jump suits, Trinny is a convert. Susannah is less of a fan, yet she is willing to give one a try.

Here is her verdict: “Just because it’s a jump suit doesn’t mean you should ignore the basic principles for your body shape. For me this means a wide V neckline to minimise my boobs and a belt to highlight my waist. A jump suit is a great alternative to wear to a wedding or a party if you want more leg coverage than a cocktail dress, yet want to feel more casual than you would in a long dress. The downside is going to the loo – especially if some careless bloke may have peed on the floor!”

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What is your opinion of jump suits?

8 thoughts on “Jump Suits – Love Them or Hate Them?

  1. You converted me this summer. I never thought that I could wear a jumpsuit, but I can now admit that I was wrong. I’ve already bought one and thinking of buying another. What an eye opener! All my love to you both and Annie too ❤

  2. I love jumpsuits but never got round to buying one because I am a size 18 – 20 with annhour glass shape…..! What do you think? Would it look terrible with high heels…?! Thanks for your reply!
    Would love to have you in Italy!!!!

  3. I thi
    nk jumpsuits look amazing and wish I could find one that fit. My problem with jumpsuits is not their shape but the fact that I am a tall hourglass. If they fit in the crotch they are never long enough in the legs. ( I have a 35 inch inseam and a size 6/8) If the legs are long enough, the crotch hangs way down below my bum. Just can’t get the right fit.

  4. I once tried a jump suit but I looked like a teletuby! I have a big problem to dress my self so I always go around in big shirts and big pants. I love your show and watch every episode and try to learn your tips. I’m a singel mother with 2 children a girl 6 years old and a boy 9 month so my time for “me time” is hard to find. Jump suit is butiful but not on me!

  5. hi trinny and suzannah..thank u for sharing about jumpsuits..my body is exactly like suzannah..I’ll try to find out one which’ll accentuate my figure and also look super trendy.I just want to ask u girls that will it be available in all marks and Spencer outlets??

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