How to Reduce You Bum Tum and Thighs – Like Magic!

When we first hit television screens back in… (when was it? 2001!)… nobody wore magic knickers. But we soon changed that. We shouted out the virtues of shapewear (and good bras) on TV, in books and in the press. We cajoled, encouraged and sometimes prodded women to wear them, for the simple reason that Continue reading

How to Choose a Smart Dress to Hide Your Tummy and Flatter Your Big Boobs


There are some events in life that inevitably make us feel slightly ill-at-ease: job interviews; business meetings; lunch with the in-laws! It can be tempting to overdress and use our clothes as a form of battle armour. In our experience, this is a mistake. We only end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, squirming around in a too-tight skirt or worrying about buttons popping open.

Susannah is a Vase body shape – she has big breasts, a small waist and a bit of a tummy. Here she talks us through how she chooses a dress that will allow her to feel confident and at ease in a nerve-wracking situation. “I always start with Continue reading

Book of the Month – The Elegant Art of Falling Apart

The Elegant Art of Falling Apart

(£20 hardback£9.99 paperback, £5.14 Kindle)

Our first book of the month is The Elegant Art of Falling Apart by Jessica Jones.

This poignant and beautifully written memoir is a tale of addiction, breast cancer, relationship breakup and emotional breakdown. That said, it is hilariously funny!

The book starts with tales of Jones’ dissolute life as a clubber and fashionista on the London scene. She stumbles from crisis to crisis, grappling with Continue reading

How to Dress Your Body Shape – Ideal Coat for an Apple Body Shape

Apple duster coat

Photo courtesy of Rococo Vintage

Out of all our body shapes, the Apple tends to be the one with the least self-confidence. An Apple body shape is, by definition, round. You have a big tummy and a tendency to adopt baggy, tented tops and dresses in an attempt to cover it up. That is a strategy that will only serve to make your body look vast.  Swathing your torso in nondescript clobber will not make you disappear, rather it will turn you into a highly visible, shapeless blob. What your Apple shape needs is to be loved, celebrated and Continue reading

Night Time Make Up the Easy Way

Applying makeup for a party can be scary. There is always the danger that you will go completely over-the-top and then spend the evening feeling self-consciously like a refugee from the cosmetics hall at Selfridges. Trinny says that hard eyeliners are not so flattering as we age so she has devised an easy-peasy way to accomplish that sexy, dirty, messy eye.

Start by applying a little shimmer to Continue reading