The Magic Shape Up Shortie

Our Magic Shape Up Shortie is fantastic for shaping and lifting your bottom, helping to create a youthful silhouette in the derrière region. It is the perfect foundation to wear Continue reading


Susannah on Saris

During our recent trips to India Trinny was enamoured with Indian colour, fabrics and jewellery, adapting them to her own style.  Susannah went further and completely fell in love with wearing the sari. Here are her thoughts:

“The sari is the only garment in the world that Continue reading

How to Dress Your Body Shape – Pear or Skittle


This beautiful vintage dress displays style elements that are flattering for a Skittle body shape or a Pear body shape

Photo courtesy of Rococo Vintage

The Pear and the Skittle body shapes share many characteristics – they are both relatively small up top but carry their weight on their legs. The Pear tends to have a longer body and is more flat-chested than the Skittle and whilst Continue reading

The Magic Corset Vest

Susannah tries on our new Magic Corset Vest and is blown away by the size of her waist.  The vest has adjustable straps and allows you to wear your own bra while accentuating your waist for the perfect hourglass figure.

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