How to Wear Sequins During the Day

Many women tend to consider sequins exclusively for evening dress and dismiss wearing them during the day. We find sequins incredibly flattering as day wear, it’s simply a matter of learning how Continue reading


How to Revamp Your Wardrobe – Wrong Colour

Trinny loved the neckline on this t-shirt but the colour did not love her

Trinny loved the neckline on this t-shirt but the colour did not love her

Sometimes an unloved garment just needs a bit of a re-vamp to give it new life. Revamping your wardrobe is a great way to improve your cost-per-wear ratio.

Trinny says:

“I fell in love with the neckline of this t-shirt, so I completely ignored the fact that it’s ‘nude’ colour gave me the appearance of a person who may have spent the last fifteen months lying in a darkened hospital room. The result? Continue reading

How to Wear Brights

Trinny says, 'Don't be afraid of neon yellow and coral'.

Trinny says, ‘Don’t be afraid of neon yellow and coral’.

Poppy red; Schiaparelli pink; acid green; neon yellow, tangerine: Biff – Bam – Boom – Kapow!!! Wearing bright colours can be scary stuff. Yet if brights are put together with a creative eye they evoke a statement of supreme self-confidence in the wearer.

A lot of people automatically wear brights with black. Continue reading

How to Wear Pattern and Texture

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2013

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2013

This week we begin our pattern and texture tutorials.

Putting patterns together in clothing is a scary thing to the uninitiated and uninformed. That is why so many women do not take risks with mixing prints and textures. Stripes with flowers, squares with circles or swirls with zig-zags may seem utterly bonkers, but when you apply it well to your outfits the results are very exciting.

When it comes to pattern and texture, take a deep breath and Continue reading

How to Wear Colour

La Gerbe by Henri Matisse, 1953

La Gerbe by Henri Matisse, 1953

So many women ask us questions like “How can I wear red?” or “Does green suit me?” We have come to realise that thinking about colour in this way is misleading. The seven basic hues of the rainbow have infinite subtle variations and hence there is a blue, a red or a green to suit everybody. The trick is in putting it together. We choose to be inspired by the palettes of nature, art and landscape.

Fear of colour can keep us stuck in a drab fog of black teamed with grey and beige. But what’s stopping you feeling confident with colour? Continue reading