How to Get New Life from an Old Jacket – Recycle Your Wardrobe

We are all about cost per wear – and with the sheer number of different outfits that we need for our work, we really need to keep an eye on the budget. Yes, we are an extreme case but who doesn’t need to economise these days? Even the Queen has been seen wearing the same dress on more than one occasion. And if it’s good enough for Her Maj then it’s good enough for us – and for you too.

Trinny has found a smart way to get more mileage from an old faithful navy jacket. Continue reading

How to Choose a Smart Dress to Hide Your Tummy and Flatter Your Big Boobs


There are some events in life that inevitably make us feel slightly ill-at-ease: job interviews; business meetings; lunch with the in-laws! It can be tempting to overdress and use our clothes as a form of battle armour. In our experience, this is a mistake. We only end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, squirming around in a too-tight skirt or worrying about buttons popping open.

Susannah is a Vase body shape – she has big breasts, a small waist and a bit of a tummy. Here she talks us through how she chooses a dress that will allow her to feel confident and at ease in a nerve-wracking situation. “I always start with Continue reading

Culling Your Wardrobe #2

The OCD wardrobe - we can dream!

The OCD wardrobe – we can dream!

Since reading Culling Your Wardrobe – Part 1 you may have been living with several messy piles of garments on your bedroom floor. Good! We hope that by now you are thoroughly sick of them and ready to move on.

Start sorting through the clothes and assembling new outfits from what you already have. Read the sections in our books about colour, pattern and texture to help you get creative with how you put looks together. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and experiment. You are still in the safe confines of your bedroom.

Begin by laying out your new outfits on the bed. Every time you come up with a look that you love, Continue reading

Culling Your Wardrobe #1

Clothing clutter must be culled!

Clothing clutter must be culled!

What does a quick peek inside your  wardrobe reveal? Rows of neatly hung garments that you wear every day because they flatter your form and make you look fabulous? Like hell you do. We know all about your secret stash of saggy-bummed trousers, holed jumpers, greying knickers, t-shirts that used to fit you, weird-coloured jackets and dresses that made you look stunning – when you were 21!

Hanging on to all that tat is keeping you stuck in a style vortex. Are you ready? Continue reading