How to Get New Life from an Old Jacket – Recycle Your Wardrobe

We are all about cost per wear – and with the sheer number of different outfits that we need for our work, we really need to keep an eye on the budget. Yes, we are an extreme case but who doesn’t need to economise these days? Even the Queen has been seen wearing the same dress on more than one occasion. And if it’s good enough for Her Maj then it’s good enough for us – and for you too.

Trinny has found a smart way to get more mileage from an old faithful navy jacket. Continue reading

Night Time Make Up the Easy Way

Applying makeup for a party can be scary. There is always the danger that you will go completely over-the-top and then spend the evening feeling self-consciously like a refugee from the cosmetics hall at Selfridges. Trinny says that hard eyeliners are not so flattering as we age so she has devised an easy-peasy way to accomplish that sexy, dirty, messy eye.

Start by applying a little shimmer to Continue reading