What We Are Wearing Today (and a Couple of Cowboys!)

Trinny and Susannah what we wore to go shepherdingToday we descend on two unsuspecting cowboys on their commune outside Tel Aviv. Susannah might have to ride out with the sheep. Trinny will watch from the sidelines and cheer her on – obviously.

Trinny wears a salmon pink blazer and a full-length skirt, both from Zara, teamed with a t-shirt by Balenciaga (the t-shirt is twelve years old but Zara now do one for about a tenth of the price). To finish the look she adds that old favourite H&M necklace – again, a ten-year-old pair of sandals by Christian Louboutin (it’s all about cost-per-wear) and her new favourite blue Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Susannah wears an Alexander McQueen shirt that she bought this season teamed simply with her Goldsign jeans (these are Trinny’s cast-offs, which makes Susannah extremely happy) and a pair of vintage Prada sandals. She is trying to convince Trinny that the exorbitant price of the Alexander McQueen shirt is worth it as “it’s a classic and will last me twenty years”. Trinny is happy that she looks so understatedly chic today but suspects the reality is somewhat different… coffee and food stains will leave it discarded in two years tops.

These poor cowboys have no idea what they’re in for! Check it out…

What are YOU wearing today – and why?

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