How to Wear Jeans if You Are Top Heavy

Skinny jeans have become a part of the fashion landscape but if have are a busty body shape, for example a Goblet, an Hourglass, a Cello, a Lollipop or a Vase (like Susannah), wearing skinny jeans can serve to emphasise your top heavy silhouette.

Susannah suggests choosing flared jeans to re-proportion your figure in a way that will make you look curvy, yet less prone to toppling over.

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11 thoughts on “How to Wear Jeans if You Are Top Heavy

  1. Soooo true! The only problem is that there are ONLY skinny jeans around in the shops!!! ( in Israel, that is…) What am I to do???

  2. Hi Trinny and Susannah, what is considered big busted? I’m still having trouble determining my body shape. I think I’m average size, not big busted not small.

  3. Susannah, Thanks for confirming what I keep trying to explain to the shop assistants where I buy my jeans — I have big boobs and generous thighs and therefore I CAN’T do skinny jeans. They protest and point to how they look in the skinny jeans (they mostly are Apples and Cellos), and I don’t have the heart to tell them, “Exactly. You’ve lost all shape and definition, and in those jeans you look like a ball.” They bring me my bootleg jeans eventually, disappointed that I won’t follow the current trend for skinny. It’s not about fashion, it’s about style!

  4. I’m an hourglass, and have recently discovered I look best in a cut of jean called “skinny bootcut”. It has a fitted, slim leg, which appears to lengthen and thin my legs, but also has a slight bootcut “kick” or flare for the bottom 6 inches or so, which balances my curvy hips and bust. I look way better in these than in a straight leg or a skinny leg.

  5. You’re absolutely right, Susanah! I’m a little bit top heavy and i have knock-knees too, so a skinny jeans highlight my leg problem. A flare one would be really better! It’s harder to find this type here, but i’ll make an effort to buy it.
    I watch you since What not to wear in 2002, through a channel, here in Brazil, called People ‘n’ Arts. Since I was 12 years old I’ve been enjoying your funny, practical and different ways to spreading style informations, and making women more beautiful and happy. I used to visit your older site, now i follow you on Facebook and YouTube! Congratulations for your amazing work!
    Oh! I almost forgot! On your older site you’ve posted some graphics about colors and how to match them. I remember the titles like “how to wear red” with a photo of Trinny using a red blouse with pink/orange flowers, a red flower necklace and a brown jeans…hahaha. Anyway, It was very helpful seeing many tips together into some graphics. I love your tiny video tips, but when I’m in a hurry to wear something, I dont have time to look for a text or video. So a graphic like the older ones would be more practical and I can save on my computer to look whenever i want. I guess many girls would like it too.
    Thanks for the help! Someday come to Rio de Janeiro, even if for taking a rest. You both gonna love it!
    Sorry for any grammar mistake! Hahahaha.

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