How to Choose the Wrong Black Dress!

The little black dress (and its sister, the little dark blue dress) is a staple of almost every woman’s wardrobe. This is the dress that provides your reliable fallback outfit in so many situations. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress – or can you? 

Your dress may be black (or navy), well made and in an expensive fabric so it’s tempting to assume that it ticks all the boxes for being a ‘classic’. Wrong. This is a mistakethat we have made time after time – and now Susannah has gone and done it again! She ordered, from the internet, a drop-dead gorgeous dress that looked sensational on the mannequin. But, quite frankly, it transforms Susannah’s body into a lumpy sack of spuds. So back to the shop it must go.

As with any garment, your little black dress will only truly work its magic if it flatters your body shape. Take time trying on and buying your LBD and it will repay you with years of devoted service. Oh and – by the way – it also has to fit you.

Do you love your little black dress?

4 thoughts on “How to Choose the Wrong Black Dress!

  1. It’s great to see you girls showing the difference between what to wear and what not to wear. Some people are just blind and can’t see what the world sees how they wear an outfit.
    Sometimes you love a dress but it won’t love you back. It’s amazing how such simple things like the height of a neckline and the shape of the skirt will make or break a dress on you.

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