How to Choose a Smart Dress to Hide Your Tummy and Flatter Your Big Boobs


There are some events in life that inevitably make us feel slightly ill-at-ease: job interviews; business meetings; lunch with the in-laws! It can be tempting to overdress and use our clothes as a form of battle armour. In our experience, this is a mistake. We only end up feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, squirming around in a too-tight skirt or worrying about buttons popping open.

Susannah is a Vase body shape – she has big breasts, a small waist and a bit of a tummy. Here she talks us through how she chooses a dress that will allow her to feel confident and at ease in a nerve-wracking situation. “I always start with a pair of Magic Knickers and a supportive bra. This gives me the best possible foundation. To radiate confidence, I look for a dress that is a fabulous colour or has a striking print. For my body shape I want a low, scooped neckline that will help to elongate my neck and reduce the area of my bust without being too revealing, and some soft gathers that will disguise my tummy bulge. Above all the dress must be comfortable and allow me to move freely.”

Whenever you have a difficult appointment, plan your outfit and try it on the day before. That way you can show up for the business in hand rather than fretting about what you are wearing.

See more of our style how-to videos at Trinny and Susannah TV.

4 thoughts on “How to Choose a Smart Dress to Hide Your Tummy and Flatter Your Big Boobs

  1. Thanks guys! I bought a similar dress to the green dress… Only it has a shirt like neck and sleeves. I like it though, I think it looks good on me. Found magic knickers at m&s… Brilliant!!
    Would like to know… I am about 25 kgs overweight and hAve very thin ankles. I have recently injured my knee v.badly, by wearing high heels. So what would my options be as far as foot wear for dresses go? Won’t be able to wear any kind of heels for a long time!!
    Pls help.

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